About B&N Motoren

Kantoor van Brinkmann & Niemeijer Motoren

B&N Motoren is since many decades one of the foremost manufacturers of generating sets, boasting an excellent reputation in the Netherlands. From the beginning we have built up our reputation by importing the famous Lister-Petter generator sets and diesel engines for the inland shipping industry. Since then B&N Motoren has shown an ever growing expansion and created a great name for itself in the field of (complex) emergency power solutions, generator sets for the construction and the rental markets, water pump sets and hydraulic sets.

From the beginning, the set-up of the specifications, via development, production up to and inclusive the supply of turnkey installations: the complete project is implemented and executed by B&N Motoren. Whether you will need a specific generator with specially defined properties, or a hydraulic powerpack, located in a custom made encasing and with all connections in the ideal position: B&N Motoren will always be your reliable and expert partner. Also a combination of a generating set and a hydraulic powerpack is part of our daily bread, so to speak. Brief and to the point: B&N Motoren is your supplier of a large product programme; from separate components such as diesel engines and generator sets up to and inclusive complete generating sets , powerpacks and pump sets.



B&N Motoren has been the expert supplier of generator sets for many, many years. In addition, B&N Motoren has all facilities in-house for the testing of each and every component of a generating set, which provides the client with a top-notch support when it comes to technical perfection. It goes without saying that each set to be supplied is extensively tested and the client is most welcome to witness this process. We also take care of transportation, positioning and turnkey installation. B&N Motoren offers you the complete solution for every specific application.

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