During the upcoming show for electrical installers “Elektrotechniek” in Utrecht, Brinkmann & Niemeijer Motoren will introduce a Hybrid product; the JCB Inteli-Hybrid.

It is already ten years ago since B&N introduced their first hybrid generator on to the market where fuelconsumption, service intervals and controlled running times were important features.  The generators were known as the Eff(iciency)Sets. At that time the market was not ready for these kind of products, now 10 years later, the market is. The same key features are still important and perhaps even more nowadays. Total Life Costs of a product are becoming increasingly important. JCB recognised this hence the development of the JCB Inteli-Hybrid generator. The Live-Link integration, whereby the generator information sends to a web-based program generates a lot of new possibilities for the fleetowner.

We like to welcome you on our stand 10.A058.

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